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Water Line Repairs

Water Line Repairs

Your water line problems begin at the water meter, usually out near the street. If you have a leak on your side of the meter, it’s your responsibility to get it repaired. If the leak goes on too long and the county or city has a smart meter installed at your property, you’ll come home one day to no water. They will shut it off until you get it fixed.

Water line repairs and components on your home water system are some of the most common issues we at Plumb Smart, Inc. deal with. Here are some of the weak links in your system:

1. Connection to the water meter. This is a threaded connection and underground threaded connections are vulnerable to ground movement. The ground moves when weather shifts from hot to cold or dry to wet. When this happens, it puts stress on the pipe, and threaded connections usually break first.

2. Where the outside water pipe enters the house. If this is through a basement wall, ground settling can break the pipe at the foundation wall. No pipe is safe from this kind of ground settling. Usually the shallower the pipe, the safer it is, but not always. We make a lot of water line repairs at the foundation walls.

3. Under the driveway. Yes, that’s right. It seems like if there’s an impossible place to get to in order to fix a leak, that’s where it will be. But, Plumb Smart, Inc. has been dealing with impossible to repair leaks for many years and we can deal with this one too.

Inside your home, the most common leaks on water lines are at the shut off valves to individual fixtures, the supply lines from the shut off valves to the faucets or toilets and washing machine hoses. Many times these leaks are caused by high pressure. Close to where the water line enters the house is a main water shut off valve and a Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV). If the PRV fails, your pressure can rise from a normal 50 to 60 PSI (pounds per square inch) to 120-180 PSI. If your PRV fails, it can cause serious problems to all your fixtures and cause the water heater to leak as well.

It’s easy to check your pressure. You can buy a pressure gage at your local Home Depot or Lowes for around 10 bucks. Screw it on an outside hose bib, open the faucet and the gage will register the water pressure. If it’s over 75 PSI, you have a bad PRV. Plumb Smart, Inc. can replace it with a heavy duty PRV that will last many years.

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