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Drain Backups

Drain Backups & Repairs

Have you ever wondered, “Where does the water go when it drains out of the sink or when I flush the toilet?”

Those are things we don’t normally think about until there’s a clog in the pipe and the water won’t go down. When there is a clog the first question you should ask is: “What caused it the drain backup?”

• Is it years of grease build up in a kitchen sink drain?
• Is it hair in a lavatory, tub or shower drain?
• Why is the washing machine drain suddenly overflowing?
• Why is the main sewer line from the house to the street or septic tank backing up?

These are all questions and problems the licensed plumbers at Plumb Smart, Inc. have been solving for over 25 years now.

Inside drain backups

Inside drain problems are sometimes caused by years of grease, food, or soap scum build up on the walls of the pipes. Often clogs are caused by hair in lavatory, tub and shower drains. Sometimes toys get dropped in the drain. We’ve pulled out coffee stir sticks, coins, rings, cell phones, tooth brushes, nails, construction debris, etc. You name it, we’ve probably found it in a drain.

No matter what causes the drain backup, the plumbers at Plumb Smart, Inc. can solve the problem. We have various types of augers and cameras to not only clear the drain, but to scope out the inside condition of your pipes. Sometimes a handyman or homeowner adds on to the plumbing drain system and installs pipe incorrectly or without proper slope. Usually a camera down the line will reveal these problems.

Sewer drain backups

Outside sewer drain backups are often caused by ground settling near the foundation wall of your home or at the connection to the septic tank or county sewer tap. Joints in sections of pipe can pull apart due to ground movement over time and roots from nearby trees or shrubs can intrude and clog the system.

No matter what the cause, we can clear the clog and then run a camera down the drain to determine the exact cause, precisely where it is and how deep. If the drain needs to be dug up, we know exactly where to dig so there is as little disturbance of your yard as possible. This helps keep the cost as low as possible too.

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