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Plumb Smart, Inc. specializes in Repair, Remodeling, and Rehab Plumbing Services

Repair Service

Our philosophy about making a plumbing repair is to make our repair better than the original installation. Often, when making a repair, a plumber has the option of using material and parts of varying quality. Using cheap parts will render a sub-par plumbing repair. We don’t do that. The question we ask ourselves is “How can we make this repair as permanent as possible at a reasonable price?” The cost is actually a fairly minor factor. Many times it’s the way the repair is made that counts for longevity.

Remodeling Service

We install plumbing for any remodel project you may be considering. It’s always a good idea to have a plumber look at your project, not just the general contractor. Often we can offer options you haven’t considered, and we can always point out obstacles you may not have seen. We have over 25 years in plumbing remodel experience.

Rehab Service

By “rehab,” we mean upgrading your plumbing. Maybe you have old cast iron drains in your home. We have a lot of experience replacing these. This can get quite messy, but we have a system in our work and when we’re finished, we leave your home spotless in the areas we worked. We also replace old water lines quickly and efficiently. On any job that requires more than one day to complete, we always get your water back on at the end of each work day so you won’t be without water.

Plumb Smart, Inc. also knows all the best faucets and fixtures that not only look great, but perform great too. Don’t be fooled by a toilet or faucet that has a beautiful appearance but is severely lacking in performance. At least run it by us first. Our opinions are free.

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