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About 5 years ago, early one morning, I was sitting with my wife at Kennestone Hospital, as she was being prepped for surgery.  I remember my cell phone ringing and my 11 year old son saying “Dad I don’t know what’s wrong, but water is everywhere.”  I probably said something I shouldn’t have and quickly told him how to shut the water off in our basement, which he did.  What in fact had happened was that our 10 year old hot water heater had burst! Not great timing for the Corn family.  I then made a call to my sister, who is in the property management business, and I asked her for a good plumber’s number.  She said “call Paul Little at Plumb Smart,” which I did, and when I got home later that afternoon the mess was cleaned up and I had a new hot water heater.  That was a great feeling after a long day at the hospital.  Paul has been to our house many times since and helped us through remodeling a bathroom, installing a new kitchen faucet, unclogging a few stubborn drains (when we forgot our Bio-Clean), and even removing toilets to have our hardwood floors refinished.   Paul and his crew at Plumb Smart make a great team and we recommend them always.

-Bill Corn
Atlanta, GA

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Did You Use Your Bio-Clean Today?

Did You Use Your Bio-Clean Today?

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