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Cobb County plays a central theme in the story of Plumb Smart, Inc. The founder and owner of the company, Paul Little, was born and raised in the county and didn’t move out of it until about 12 years ago. And even though he calls Paulding County home now (he lives 5 miles away from the Cobb County line), it’s Cobb that provided the environment for his development as a plumber, and the connections and customers he needed to build a successful plumbing company.

Paul believes that “when you’re plumb smart, there’s no such thing as an emergency.” And the best way to avoid emergencies to prepare ahead of time, something that the Master Plumbers at Plumb Smart are passionate about empowering our customers to do. “I want to save people as much money as I can,” Paul explains. “Imagine this scenario: You know your water heater is getting old, but do nothing about it. Then, a year later you go on vacation and come back to find that your basement flooded because of a leak in your water heater. Now not only do you have to buy a new water heater, but pay for the headache of a damaged home, ripping out floors, lost valuables, and more. We want to help people be smart and think ahead to prevent such emergencies.” Plumb Smart, Inc. is a Cobb County plumbing company specializing in long-term plumbing repair and remodeling. We offer a total home inspection of all residential plumbing to give you peace of mind that everything is running smoothly — water heaters, pipes, and more.

Plumb Smart, Inc. was established in 2002 by Paul Little. Paul started learning plumbing in 1982 in Cobb County working for a large plumbing company. In 1987, he became a licensed Master Plumber.  “I was young and thought I knew everything back then,” says Paul. “Boy, was I wrong.” A Master Plumber serving Cobb and the surrounding counties for 22 years now, Paul admits, “No one knows it all. I learn something new about plumbing every day.”

When you’re plumb smart, there’s no such thing as an emergency.

Residential construction was Paul’s first training ground and he learned how to install plumbing for houses from the ground up. From there, he worked with a different Cobb County plumbing company specializing in remodeling and learning how to adapt existing plumbing in houses and commercial spaces to fit new or different needs.

After that he worked as a service and repair plumber for a large commercial Kennesaw plumbing company with over 100 employees. In that work, he experienced all the things that can go wrong with plumbing and how to repair or replace various plumbing systems.

With all of that experience, Paul decided to launch his own plumbing business in 2002. In 2007, he hired Pete Myers, who is also a trained and licensed Master Plumber. Paul and Pete respond quickly to customer service calls, and always show up on time.

And although neither of them live within the Cobb County line anymore, they both appreciate the loyalty of our customers in Cobb who helped build Plumb Smart from the very beginning.

“If you’re looking for an honest plumber with fair pricing, Plumb Smart is your best choice. We have been satisfied customers since Paul has been in business.”

-Sammy and Wanda Callahan, Cobb County homeowners

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